As State Senator representing Kona & Kaʻū, Dru Kanuha will work to make our communities stronger, safer, and healthier.


Affordable Housing & Homelessness

  • Incentivize developers to make new housing more affordable
  • Make state land available for affordable housing projects through public-private partnerships
  • Fairly regulate vacation rentals
  • Support efforts to address homelessness that recognize its many causes and cures, including mental health and substance abuse services

Agriculture & Environment

  • Defend against invasive species and blights like coffee berry borers, rapid ‘ōhi‘a death, and little fire ants
  • Require labeling percentages of Kona & Ka‘ū coffee
  • Support labeling of GMO products


  • Incentivize startups outside Hawai‘i’s major economic sectors
  • Support small businesses in rural communities
  • Invest in workforce development


  • Invest in our aging school facilities and support our charter schools
  • Support the growth of Hawai‘i Community College - Pālamanui with programs aligned with industry needs
  • Build capacity in teacher training
  • Grow more farm-to-school programs

Emergency Preparedness

  • Prioritize funding to expand sirens and notification systems

  • Increase community outreach on disaster and emergency preparedness

Health Care

  • Increase access to health care by working with community health centers and other providers
  • Support our University of Hawai‘i medical and pharmacy schools
  • Increase ambulance coverage
  • A new hospital for West Hawai‘i


  • Improve our airports through an independent airport authority
  • Invest in our aging highway infrastructure, addressing both maintenance and capacity issues
  • Improve Honokōhau Harbor, including adjustments to management structure if needed
  • Improve Safe Routes To School

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